Eco Friendly

Our goal to be eco-friendly

SunSet Dental Centre is committed to offer quality dental care while being mindful of sustainability. 

All of our materials, products and office equipment were chosen selectively with the focus of sustainability without compromise of quality.

We are continuously seeking to work with eco-friendly companies to help reduce our environmental footprint here in our office. 

Our Ways to be eco-friendly

We are paperless.

We have chosen a practice management software that allows us to be paperless, from patient charts and forms to routine scheduling.

We don't waste water.

Not many people may know, many dental offices use wet vacuums and compressors that create the compressed air and suction we need to perform dentistry; therefore, about a gallon of water is flushed per minute. Each year, the amount of water that is used to generate vacuum and compressed air can equate to over 200,000 gallons. Here at SunSet Dental Center, we had to find an alternative way to generate our compressed air and suctions. BaseVac dental vacuum system is the first to obtain the Eco Dentistry Association’s Accepted (EDA) seal. In order to obtain this seal from EDA, their system has to not consume water nor oil; therefore, we decided to work with BaseVac’s Dry Vacuum and Compressor.  

We support 4Ocean.

4Ocean is a group that has been around since 2017 and they have already removed over 5 million pounds of garbage from our oceans and coastlines. In support of what they do, every new patient that visits us at SunSet Dental Center will receive one of their bracelets. We hope that this will help raise awareness for our oceans and we hope that this will help our own communities to be more mindful before throwing out plastics. For more information about 4Ocean click here.

We recycle.

We have partnered-up with Terracycle who are able to recycle certain plastics, gloves and masks used in the medical field.

Our website is powered by 100% renewable energy.

We immediately decided to have our website hosted by Web Hostings Canada (WHC) when we found out they shared similar goals as we do here at SunSet Dental Center. 

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